John Norris of Penrith

In return for being linked to this site, world famous tackle dealers, John Norris of Penrith, have kindly agreed to offer  DAA members a 20% discount on anything on their website. This is good news and an opportunity to stock up at very reasonable prices. Anyone who has ever stopped on their way north will recall a  friendly welcome.

A ‘code’ will be circulated to members asap enabling orders to be placed – by phone only.

Salmon success

As last week’s spate dropped away Derek Myhill caught and released a fresh salmon estimated at 10 lbs from Abbotsmead . Yesterday, another ‘mint’ fish of an identical weight was caught by Rob Dart junior from Stretchford. This one took a small mepps – cast upstream – in bright conditions on a hot day and was also released.

The river is currently (18/6) in perfect condition for night fishing but the seatrout remain elusive and non cooperative.

Fishing News

The first salmon reported on DAA water in 2017 was caught on the 8th by Bush. He reports losing another at Kilbury. The released fish, taken on a spinner at Hembury was showing signs of fungal disease.

Quite a few salmon have been seen in TWP, and a week of high water should have assured easy access upstream.  Encouraging news.

Notice to all DAA members

Due to a previous arrangement with the owner, the Hannaford Fishery above Newbridge is unavailable to anglers on the following dates: June 20th, 21st, 22nd, and July 19th,20th and 21st. It’s imperative that this information is circulated, so please pass it on.

Fly box found at Caddaford

If anyone has lost a box of salmon flies in or near to  Caddaford , please get in touch with the Hon Sec. It was reportedly found by another member on the 18th of this month and is in his safe keeping.

One of our members reported watching a fair few sea trout run the OLD fish pass recently: the water was up a little but not particularly high. We have guessed  that maybe 10% of the season’s run ascend on that side. Could it be more ? well, we’d all be interested to know what the 2nd fish counter – when installed  – tells us. (Photos to follow)

There seems to be a reasonable head of fish in the river that are likely to be well spread out after the recent high water. These fish have proved pretty hard to catch : cold nights and sadly, fungal disease, probably haven’t helped.

Though unconfirmed as yet and not on DAA water, a salmon has been caught on the middle river. This will not surprise regular TWP anglers who have been reporting ‘sightings’ for a while.


River update

The season has got off to a sedate start. So far no salmon have been reported  and , it seems, effort has been minimal. Phil Prowse caught a sea trout in TWP in early April, and two or three more have been taken since. The cold weather may have deterred a few members, but with  a decent head of fish entering the river hopes will be high for May.