The DFA AGM takes place on Friday 10th at the Dartmoor Lodge. Starts 6.30 and  for those who wish  to make an evening of it , there is a buffet at 8.15.
Our members are encouraged to attend:  it’s a great way to catch up with others as well as  the latest river news.

Spawning 2016

Generally reports of spawning activity have been sketchy, but some made it to the top of the system. These two grilse redds were located some way above Powder Mills on the Cherrybrook in mid December. Apologies for the poor picture quality.

Vandalism At Kilbury

A year or two ago, one of our members, Bush, gave his time to plant some hedge whips at Kilbury. Various holes had been made by canoeists accessing the river. It’s disheartening to see that some of them have been flattened and trashed, and although we have no evidence, we think it likely to be the same again.

If anyone sees canoes being pushed through the hedge or unloaded at that layby it would be worth noting number plates and car descriptions.

Bank Clearing

Thanks to everyone who turned up last Sunday. As ever its a case of many hands making light work. It’s the same again tomorrow.

The dates below seem spot on, but as usual depend on river conditions. It’s always  a good idea to check this site if the river has been up n angry.

15th  Hood Barton.

22nd Caddaford and Abbotsmead.

29th Fogden’s and Nursery Pool.


Wishing all members a happy new year.

Bank clearing starts this coming Sunday 8th at Hood Barton –  9.30 start.

A list of all future dates and locations will follow. . . . . .

September Update

Reasonable numbers of seatrout – mainly school peal – have shoaled up in the lower river and some anglers have enjoyed good night fishing. Occasional larger seatrout observed


A few pods of grilse have  been spotted on DAA water with two fish reported by members. Darren Sinton  4 lbs spinning at Stretchford, and Rob Dart successful again : this time at Kilbury 4-5 lb.



Rob lost a larger fish in the same pool on the 24/9. No news yet of fly caught fish but time enough for that to change.

All members should note that there is NO EXTENSION into October this year.


Over the weekend one of our members was involved in an uncomfortable confrontation at, or close to, Abbotsmead.  He challenged a bait fisherman and in the subsequent conversation was threatened with violence. This incident has been reported to the police. The number to contact in a similar situation is 999.