Dartmoor Sea Trout

Dartmoor Sea Trout

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This sea trout estimated at 3-3.5lbs was caught by a visiting angler staying at Two Bridges who hadn’t fished for peal for many many years.

He encountered it at the tail of Brakey Firs, first week in June. Quite fresh so must have run hard and fast on high water. Midnight. He was concerned about the disease on its snout but happy that it swam away strongly.

Some Totnes fish counter photos

These are some selected fish counter photos from May/June this year. Some of these fish are fairly large. Because these photos are from above, it is not entirely possible to distinguish between Salmon and Sea Trout but the longer ones are probably salmon. As a guide to length, the electrode strips are 45cm apart.

The start of a sea trout career

You may remember the 4½ lbs brown trout caught by Luke’s young son Ruben while fishing for salmon with his dad back in March.

More recently, in the first week of September, Ruben caught his first fly-caught sea trout at night.

Reuben’s first night-time  fly-caught sea trout.

Caught on an up-river beat, the fish had been in for a couple of months and weighed 1¾ lbs.