Work starts on TWP hydro

Members wishing to fish Totnes weir pool from the town side will see that barriers have been erected by the developers. We do have access, and the combination numbers are the same as at Dart Bridge and Kilbury weir. Several more sea trout have been caught at TWP.

First sea trout

About a week ago, Paul Hetherington (Bush), caught a sea trout of around 3lbs from TWP. As far as we know this is the first (and only) confirmed fish to come off the river. With further unsettled weather forcast for the coming week conditions are more likely to favour salmon fishing.

Spey casting workshop

We are fortunate to have casting instructor Nick Taylor as one of our number. A Spey casting workshop was conducted by Nick on Saturday at Totnes weir pool and was well received by those who attended. Some came to watch and learn while most came with rods at the ready and were treated to some top class practical tuition.

Nick Taylor demonstrates Spey casting to members

Novice Spey casters were able to learn the basics and those more experienced were able to get advice on how to iron out any bad casting habits they may have aquired along the way.

Nick gives our President some pointers

Many thanks to Nick for donating his time and skill. It is hoped to provide more of these workshops in future. Meanwhile Nick is available for personal tuition at a very reasonable price!

Spey Casting & Tree Removal

Nick Taylor will be demonstrating and teaching Spey Casting at Totnes Weir pool on 21st of this month. 10.00 a.m start. His day last year was greatly enjoyed by those who attended and it’s a perfect opportunity to iron out faults and develop new skills.

On the following morning, 22nd, a work party led by Robin will be gathering on the beach side of TWP to remove a tree. All help will be greatly appreciated. It will be low tide but waders might help. 11.00 am start.


Last year Dartington Barn Cinema showed ‘Kiss The Water’, a film about Megan Boyd, scottish hermit and fly tyer extraordinaire. It is apparently available on I player until the end of February.


Bank Clearing

BANK CLEARING SCHEDULE. 9.30 start. All welcome.

Jan 1st – we need as many volunteers as possible to help position concrete lintels at Caddaford ( left bank )

Jan11th – Austin’s bridge to Nursery pool (Rt bank)

Jan 18th – Kilbury weir upstream and down to Austin’s bridge

Jan 25th – Staverton bridge to Staverton weir

Feb 1st – Caddaford footpath repairs(Lft bank)

Feb 8th – Rookery to Abbotsmead (Rt bank Fogden’s)