Newsletter January 2007

Dart Angling Association

January 2007

I would like to start by wishing all members a Happy New Year and a successful fishing season in 2007. At the first committee meeting held on the 2nd of January this year, David Pakes was again elected as Chairman and Rob Dart Vice Chairman. Our newly elected President Denis Mitchell also attended the meeting as did all the officers and committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Chairman welcomed newly elected committee member Rob Bromige to the meeting.

The first committee meeting of the Association in the New Year always sets the fishing regulations for the coming season. The committee gave very careful consideration to all the regulations and decided that on salmon fishing these were to remain unchanged for 2007 in that;

i) the first salmon caught after June 16th is to be returned.

ii) a maximum of two salmon per year to be killed.

The national by-laws before June 16th, relating to catch and release still apply until 2008. Last year’s salmon total catch on Association water was 39 with 35 of these released making a catch and release percentage of 90%. This was an extremely good return rate and once again reinforces the message that the Dart Angling Association always sets a good example on conservation of salmon.

On sea trout fishing our limit of two fish per night/day is to remain in place, this would seem to be particularly important alter what appeared to be a poor run of fish last season.

Fly Only Water

The Committee also considered the Fly Only stretches (left bank) tail of Abbotsmead to tail of Wortley Pool and decided to allow spinning for the coming season. This was decided after much debate and consideration of all views and very few members indicating that they had fished the fly only stretch during the last two seasons. The committee would of course still expect members fishing the stretch with fly to have priority and for this etiquette to be observed. The opposite right bank where we rent the fishing from John Wilson has never been restricted to method so the new ruling makes this stretch the same on both banks.

Totnes Weir

At Totnes Weir the committee has also decided to allow salmon fishing to be permitted by members on odd and even days, dispensing with the existing ruling allowing only the odd or even dates which had been to allocated members.

NB This applies to salmon fishing only and sea trout fishing is still to be by the allocated odd or even date system.

Salmon Members will therefore be able to fish on any day. The times of salmon fishing will be from 7am to 7pm . The finishing time is set at 7pm to try to prevent the Weir Pool from being disturbed in the evenings prior to sea trout fishing.

The new regulation will be subject to review after twelve months.

It was also decided to relax fishing at Totnes Weir below the Railway Bridge only. Fishing will therefore be allowed from below the railway bridge to the mouth of the Hems Brook by all categories of members, and the stretch will be subject to the same regulations as the rest of Association water. Sea trout and brown trout members will be limited to fly only and access is to be from the Totnes right bank only.

These new regulations will be for a trial period and be subject to review after twelve months.

I also enclose a copy of updated fishing regulations (see Fishing Regulations if viewing this on the web-site), which show the new salmon regulations introduced last year but they do not show the relaxation of the Fly Only ruling below Abbotsmead. Also included is an updated map of the fishing available to members.

The Association website is now operational and our thanks are due to Chris Glover who has worked extremely hard on the project. The website address is

Chris will be updating the website initially until your Secretary becomes fully conversant with the 21st century technology!

Bank clearing will be taking place regularly on Sunday mornings during January and February, river levels permitting so please check with me or on the website.

Those of you that attended the AGM and Dinner in December will be aware that we were again presented with a very fine painting by the artist Robin Armstrong. The painting was of a brown trout and the intention is to sell it to the highest bidder from within the Association. This is the second painting we have been presented with by Robin, so along with the two stoneware salmon as well, Association funds have been boosted by their sales . These items are due to the kindness and generosity of one particular member who wishes to remain anonymous but has been instrumental in their acquisition for the Association and certainly deserves all our thanks. At the Dinner we received an offer of £ 500 for the trout painting and if this offer is not bettered it will be sold to the member concerned.

I would finally remind all members that subscriptions are due by February 1st. I would also like to remind members of our President’s request at the AGM for as many members as possible to consider associate membership of the Dart Fisheries Association. This is £ 20 per year, entirely voluntary but much needed to help to fund the regeneration projects which are vital for long term fish stocks on the river.

I wish you all good fishing in 2007 and look forward to meeting you on the banks of the river.

Phil Prowse

Hon Secretary.