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First September Salmon

John Sherry landed a grilse of approx 6lbs on Saturday. This is the first fly caught salmon reported from DAA water this season. John’s fish came from Horsehill and was taken on a ‘Thunder and Lightening’. Prior to getting into the water, he had opened a gate for a stranger, offered to share the beat with another rod and given a youngster his prized Ally Shrimp. He was duly rewarded, and the obliging cock fish swam  away strongly on release.

Recent fishing news

Shoals of seatrout – mostly, but not exclusively school peal – are currently evident in the lower river. Very welcome after such a difficult season . It’s hoped that anglers will be mindful of the  implications when considering taking a fish home to eat. A few fish are still displaying small amounts of fungus. . . .something else to factor into the equation.
DAA member Jonathon Camp did well to catch  two salmon recently between Austin’s bridge and Stretchford. Both spinning and between 6 – 9 lbs. These are the only two reported on recent high water.

Rain . . .and more on the way

The river is rising now (4.00pm Friday) and with the possibility of a fair bit more rain to come –  and some fresh disease free grilse around –  members and visitors  might consider putting time aside to fish over the weekend. A hot  dry August is forecast, so new fish might run hard and fast.

Stretchford / Quarry Pool

A couple of times recently cows have wandered the railway line down by Quarry pool. This of course is upsetting for the farmer and has potential for dire consequences. It would be appreciated if members accessing the line are really careful to check that the gate(s) is closed.

John Norris of Penrith

In return for being linked to this site, world famous tackle dealers, John Norris of Penrith, have kindly agreed to offer  DAA members a 20% discount on anything on their website. This is good news and an opportunity to stock up at very reasonable prices. Anyone who has ever stopped on their way north will recall a  friendly welcome.

A ‘code’ will be circulated to members asap enabling orders to be placed – by phone only.

Video – Big salmon passing fish counter

Here are a couple of 20lb+ salmon negotiating the fish counter in May this year. As you may know, the electrodes are 45cm apart, so both fish are around one metre in length. These are the largest we have seen so far but there have been several approaching this size.

The videos have a full speed run followed by one at 25% speed