Visitors’ Tickets


From now on Day and Week tickets for non-members can be purchased via Clubmate using your phone, laptop or PC.

Go to

Log in and go to “Make a booking”

Find the relevant date(s) in the calendar then click on “All Activities” and select the appropriate option (Day ticket, Totnes Weir Pool – Day ticket or Week ticket). Select the “Booking info” tab for the day you wish to start. Click on “Book now” then continue and add the correct class of ticket to your basket.

Add your personal and contact details

Add your chosen ticket to the basket then enter card details and Submit Payment.

You should then receive an email with details of your ticket. Make sure you check the Junk Folder. If anyone asks you for your ticket you can show them this email.

Please complete a catch return after you have finished – you can just email me with this.

Please report any problems or glitches in the software so I can get on and resolve them.

Shout me if you are stuck

Giles Hammersley

07767 350408

01803 762868

(Please see maps for extent of water available – Water available to visitors is marked in green)

Tickets will be available as follows:

Church Commissioners Water ( does not include Totnes Weir Pool, Halliwells, Hembury, Dartbridge, Kilbury, Fogdens, Staverton Court, Lancasters, Hood Barton, River Dart Country Park, Dartington or Colston Fisheries).

Abbotsmead spring
Abottsmead, Church Commissioners Water. Photo: © Paul Bright

Limited day or week Migratory Trout tickets for fishing from sunset to 3am the following morning from 15th March to 30th September.

Limited day or week Salmon or Brown Trout Tickets for fishing from sunrise until one hour after sunset from 15th March to 30th September.

A maximum of six tickets per day are available to cover the above in any combination

Totnes Weir Pool

Totnes Weir, high tide. ©

One Salmon ticket per day for fishing from sunrise until one hour after sunset for the Salmon season agreed by the Environment Agency. (Currently from 1st February to 30th September).

One Migratory Trout ticket per day (from sunset to 3am the following morning) from 15th March to 30th September.

Totnes weir pool is best accessed for fishing approximately three hours either side of low tide.


Salmon or Sea Trout: £20 per day or £100 per week

Brown Trout: £15 per day or £50 per week