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Last year Dartington Barn Cinema showed ‘Kiss The Water’, a film about Megan Boyd, scottish hermit and fly tyer extraordinaire. It is apparently available on I player until the end of February.


Bank Clearing

BANK CLEARING SCHEDULE. 9.30 start. All welcome.

Jan 1st – we need as many volunteers as possible to help position concrete lintels at Caddaford ( left bank )

Jan11th – Austin’s bridge to Nursery pool (Rt bank)

Jan 18th – Kilbury weir upstream and down to Austin’s bridge

Jan 25th – Staverton bridge to Staverton weir

Feb 1st – Caddaford footpath repairs(Lft bank)

Feb 8th – Rookery to Abbotsmead (Rt bank Fogden’s)


Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM and dinner. In particular, Julian, Ian and Phil for organising everything, and Rob, Derek. and Robin for the raffle. The final total exceeded £900. As usual the Sea trout Inn looked after us.

Dereks length / weight chart for Dart salmon

Memories, dreams and reflections.. . . a new sea trout season is upon us. Its cold and wet and the hard core night owls will have to wait a little longer. . . . . . in the meantime an opportunity to cast an eye over Derek Myhill’s carefully prepared length / weight chart for guaging the size of our salmon. Derek is quite sure that these figures offer a more accurate estimation of Dart, Teign and Avon fish than other available formulas (Sturdy, Atlantic Salmon Federation salmometer etc)

19″ – 2lb
21″ – 3lb
23″ – 4lb
25″ – 5lb
26″ – 6lb
27″ – 7lb
28″ – 8lb
29″ – 9lb
30″ – 10lb
31″ – 11lb
32″ – 12lb
33″ – 13lb
34″ – 14lb
35″ – 15lb
36″ – 16lb
37″ – 17lb
38″ – 18lb
39″ – 19lb
40″ – 20lb

Derek notes that this well publicised era of poor marine feeding adversely affects the weights of our returning grilse in particular, and appears to be less of a problem for two sea winter salmon .

Please note that this scale does not apply to our sea trout which (length for length) often weigh heavier than our salmon.