Fish counter pictures Dec 2016

Here are some of the fish that passed through the counter during December and were captured on the overhead camera. It is hoped to improve the quality of the night time pictures in future by installing an infrared camera.

The fish in the second and third photos from the top are ascending the fish pass, all other fish are descending. SeveralĀ of the latter are facing up-current while ‘reversing’ down the pass and most can clearly be seen to be kelts as they are so thin. (Flow is from top to bottom of photo).

In the second picture from the bottom (23:27:19), although it is hard to see, is an otter, rather than a fish. Apparently its movement in the video from which this was taken shows it up for what it is.

Some of these are big fish. To give an idea of size, the counter’s electrodes, seen as horizontal strips are 450mm (approx 18″) apart. Let’s hope they manage to avoid the seals in the weir pool and estuary and survive to spawn again.