Fish counter upgrade

We are still awaiting the updated report on last years results from the fish counter but according to what we know now about 2000 fish were counted, 500 of which were greater than 50cm in length. However, major problems with heat and low water during the summer affected the counters accuracy, particularly its ability to detect small sea trout so figures are likely to be a significant under-estimate.

The counter has now been upgraded with new cameras, electrodes and polypropylene panels (the white panels seen in the photographs below). It started working again in early April this year and now appears to be working well.

The count so far suggests 180+ fish through in April and 80+ fish so far in May so the outlook is not as gloomy as we might have thought.

Below are some photos from the re-vamped counter. Unsure what the electrode spacing is now but if, as before, they are 45cm apart it will give you an idea of the size of fish.