Large brownie falls to young angler

Ruben with his Dart brown trout of approx 4lb 8oz

8 year old Ruben, son of member Luke Chester-Master was out with his dad doing some early season salmon fishing when he hooked this beautiful monster brownie.

It must be said that this fish was not caught on Association water but obviously, being a Dart fish will be of interest to members. Having caught this one, Ruben, unsurprisingly, is keen to become a DAA junior member.

It was caught using a flying C with a single barbless hook and of course being out of season for Brown trout it was released after its photo-call, as no doubt it would have been anyway.

It is possible that this is a ‘retired’ sea trout that has taken up residence in the river or perhaps it has always lived there.

The extraordinary thing about this fish, other than its size is that it appears to be the same fish caught a while back by Andy Myall in more or less the same place. according to the identical pattern of spots on the operculum.

Well done Ruben! Now catch it again on fly!