New Year Bank Maintenance

Over the past few years the path from Caddaford to Abbots Mead close to the river alongside Old Mans Run has become overgrown. We are therefore looking to reinstate this path and extensively clear the bank side vegetation that has grown up between Caddaford and Quarry Pool.
Depending on numbers of volunteers we anticipate this taking at least four Sunday mornings.

All bank clearing starting at 9.30am, subject to weather:

Sun 7th Jan- Caddaford- Old Mans run (CC)
Sun 14th Jan- Old Mans Run – Abbots Mead (CC)
Sun 21st Jan- Abbots Mead- Rodways (CC)
Sun 28th Jan – Rodways – Quarry Pool (CC)
Sun 4th Feb- Austins Bridge above & below (CC)
Sun 11th Feb- Hembury ( run below Grilse Pool )
Sun 18th & 26th Feb- to be confirmed

Please keep an eye on the website in case of any changes made necessary by weather etc.

Here’s wishing all our members a successful season in 2018!