Last Friday afternoon a member was trout fishing at Caddaford from the Fogdens bank when he became aware of the tail of a good sized fish behaving strangely in the pool tail. He waded across the pool (getting his waders full in the process) and found a grilse of about six or seven pounds with what appeared to be a rabbit snare and heavy nylon attached around the gills. After quite a struggle he managed to remove the snare and the fish swam away.
The matter has been reported to the Environment Agency but would members please be aware that despite low numbers of returning salmon incidents such as this may still be occurring. This type of poaching was quite prevalent in years gone by, usually in lower water conditions which have not been prevalent recently, although we cannot be sure how long the fish was snared up or where the fish was initially entangled.
Please be vigilant for incidents such as this or any illegal fishing.
EA Reporting Incidents no; 0800 807060