Strange tale from the riverbank

Kevin Hoare from Washbourne fished Kilbury on friday night and was delighted to catch two sea trout. The first, an active school peal, was returned, and the second, a bigger fish was kept. Kevin doesn’t generally eat sea trout, but a kindly neighbour does. He laid this fine fish on the river bank and continued casting. When he’d had enough there was no sign of his catch. He searched high and low, in water and on bank, to no avail. Finally after half and hour and in the dead of night he gave up, but just as he was leaving he heard an otter call, and the penny dropped. Cross with himself for being a little foolish, and cross with the otter too, Kevin went home. This morning he phoned a contact in the angling fraternity and relayed his tale of woe. It just so happened that his friend was on his way to the river too and had decided to stop at kilbury to see what was about. Lying on the riverbed was a fish. . . freshly caught, and though somewhat smaller than the one in the story, it bore many of the same characteristics. Clumsy angler ? or otter with a conscience ?. . . . .take your pick !