Totnes Hydro – First turbine put in place

On thursday, the first of two Archimedean turbines was put into place at the Totnes hydro scheme. It was planned to locate both of the turbines into their channels but delays to their arrival only allowed enough time and daylight to install one of them, with the other re-sheduled for the next day.

A 300 tonne capacity crane stood waiting, ready to unload the turbines and swing them into position.

The crane towers above the site
Turbine/gearbox linkage

When the turbine eventually arrived there was a short pause to attach the linkage that will transfer the drive to the generator’s gearbox and to adjust the crane’s lifting strops.

The turbine arrives

With this done the turbine was lifted again and swung into position above its channel.

The turbine is lowered into position
Nearly there

The other screw was due to be installed today (fri 13th!). We hope all went well.

The coffer dam should be gone within about two weeks and the plant is due to be working before the end of next month.

The second channel and beside it another ready to accept the Larinier fish pass. The position of the resting pool can be seen at the half-way point.

The fish counter will also be installed and should be working before the start of the 2016 season. The counter is long awaited and will be invaluable in the management of the river.